Rencontrez les propriétaires

Alec and Annie - a retired engineer and his potter wife who likes to cook and eat off the land - have been welcoming guests since 2013 and, having bought the property in late 2006, have been living here permanently since 2010. We have been heavily involved (i.e. hands-on) with the development throughout and feel certain that there is a book to write about the experience, but having now more or less achieved our ambitions we are finally enjoying the fruits of our labours.

Although living on site and in all likelihood forwarding new projects (without disturbing our guests, we hasten to add) a great deal of attention has been paid to your privacy, having ourselves enjoyed many years of family holidays throughout southern France where we simply wanted to ‘escape’. Please rest assured that we will be as unobtrusive as is humanly possible and are only here to ensure that your stay is trouble-free and totally relaxing.

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