The gated pool complex started as a head-scratching exercise as to exactly where it should be located, since we had a whole field to choose from! The priorities were privacy and aspect (sun and shade) alongside considerations of topography and proximity to trees and the main buildings, so once we pegged out an area the big digger arrived in late 2011.

Setting out the new pool excavation 2011
Setting out the new pool excavation 2011

A substantial area was excavated and remodelled to accommodate the 12m x 6m concrete pool basin and the large terrace surround, plus of course the abri which would eventually house the pool equipment, summer kitchen and relaxation facilities.

Whilst contractors were engaged for the major works, all of the pool infrastructure, abri furnishing, fencing and paving / decking were within our own purview so hard work and books / forums were de-rigour. We also needed to house the pool filter, pump and associated equipment (all of which was new to us) so steep indeed was the learning curve!

With our first guests due in June 2013 there was a lot to do, so although the pool paving and drainage channels took another few seasons to finally complete, followed by wooden decking under the abri, works were thankfully completed in time to offer a great environment in which to escape and relax.

Over the years we have continued to improve and add facilities to enhance this experience in the hope that our many guests continue to thoroughly enjoy their holiday.

Recent additions have included a pool heater (2018 - for low season use) and an automated pool cover (2022) to better regulate water temperature and generally make life easier for our guests. A pool robot and large filtration system (which runs 24/7) does the heavy lifting regarding water quality and our aim is to always keep the poolside equipment maintained and up to date. Preventative maintenance, to use the jargon. Guest feedback is paramount as we aim to please, which our testimonials seem to confirm...